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We are expanding our Associate Editor team

Due to the continued growth of Teknomekanik, we are now recruiting Associate Editors to join our international Editorial Board. The Associate Editors are responsible for assessing manuscripts in peer review suitability, selecting reviewers who meet the journal’s requirements, and recommending decisions on the basis of the peer reviewers’ reports and their own assessment while adhering to the journal’s editorial policies.

An Associate Editor for Teknomekanik is someone who:

  • Supports the Aims and Scopes of Teknomekanik.
  • Active in scientific publications in international journals.
  • Active member of a scientific community.
  • Preferably has experience on the editorial board of an international journal.
  • Provides professional and supportive service to our authors and ensures that manuscripts fulfill the requirements of the journal and are handled efficiently and appropriately through peer review.
  • Is willing to handle manuscript within their field of expertise.
  • Is committed to open access, data sharing and innovation in scientific publishing.
  • In cooperation with the Managing Editor, checks all manuscripts for completeness of content, proper format, permission to use copyrighted material, and any other requirements for publication.
  • Is willing to serve as an ambassador for Teknomekanik in international communities and also contributes to publishing a manuscript in Teknomekanik.

We encourage applications from researchers with a background in a range of subject areas, broadly covered by the following:

  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Energy (miscellaneous)
  • Chemical engineering (miscellaneous)

All new Associate Editors will receive online training, and our in-house Editorial Office provides ongoing administrative support.

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